Trying too hard: how to spot contrived authority

  Recently I came home to find this rather loud notice (above) wedged in the side of my front door. I read it with a mixture of laughter and nagging concern at a rubbish dump in close proximity to our house stinking up the area. My favourite part was, “If you smell something, say something…” …

5 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Stationery

A blog I’ve written for work lately – a guest post on Snug Harbour. Hope you enjoy it!

Celebrate at Snug Harbor

Want to make sure you nail it with your wedding stationery? Of course you do! Since we’re the experts in this area, we can help. Here are five tips and tricks to getting it right for your special day.

1. Consider the style and season of your wedding

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Wedding stationery should ideally follow a similar theme – although it doesn’t have to be too matchy matchy if you’re not into that. Are you hosting a beautiful spring wedding? Consider soft greens, brilliant blues and florals on white backgrounds. A winter wedding more what you had in mind? Why not try real gold foil or letterpress on crisp black card, or rich tones like burgundy, forest green and navy paired with white or silver. The bridal party’s attire can also inform the stationery’s colour palette.

2. Consider your budget

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It’s sad but true – your budget should never be too far…

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