Seeing past the wall

This week as I was praying for someone about this very thing, I realised that I put people in a box, categorise them. Sometimes I even write them off, without giving them much of a chance. It’s usually because of one characteristic that maybe doesn’t suit me. For example I have realised I often write off people who joke a lot as “one dimensional”, or people who have to be sarcastic all the time.

Just because they don’t show more than that to me at a glance I continue on my way, not bothering to dig deeper.

We’ve heard of the benefit of the doubt, but how often do we give someone the benefit of the second look? Because anyone created in the image of a holy God deserves a second look from us. Think of the people you’ve merely glanced at, and I don’t mean in the physical sense. People you’ve decided aren’t “good investments” of your time.

I was praying for this person because of a prophetic picture God gave me about people placing a ceiling over them. I nearly started crying when I realised that I was one of them. Their eyelashes were wet as I prayed for a freedom for them as God broke the ceiling and they grew to their full potential.

Sometimes all we see is the wall. But it takes a minute (or sometimes a lot longer) to realise the reason that people build walls: that person has put their heart out there. And that person has been hurt. Walls are built for protection after all; just look at medieval cities. You’re seeing the wall but you’re not seeing the person. Nobody is one dimensional and to believe so is naive at best and damaging at worst.

Who do you need to take another look at? Because there are a lot of people in this world who desperately need to be seen.


Image:×547.jpg, sourced 22 May 


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