This video is just one of the ways we can connect with people. It’s simple, asks for nothing back and puts a smile on people’s face. These days it’s hard to do something for nothing, because people are always wondering, “What’s the catch?” I am too, because there usually is a catch. I’m one of those people who cringes when a stranger approaches me on the street and the hawkers (for want of a better word) in the shopping centre that I work give me serious anxiety (a lot of fake phone calls and very intense text messages to write as I walk past them).

I’ve tried to get into the habit of opening my eyes a little more when I’m out in public. A lot of people are in a rush, but there are some who aren’t. Some who might be lingering that extra five minutes in the hopes of some human interaction. But that someone is often someone that, if we’re honest, we would overlook. How often do you stop to talk to elderly people, or a homeless person?

In the last couple of months and particularly today at church I’ve been challenged to think of the group(s) of people I hesitate to interact with. Who do you draw back from or avoid associating with?

I challenge you this week to look at them with new eyes, the eyes of the Father, and move toward them, rather than away. I promise to as well.

(Thanks to Thomas C. Knox and Huffington Post for the video.)



Sources:, accessed 15 May 2016.


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