Saturday’s prompt: write a recipe for disaster



Pre-heat the oven first (duh).


Pour two very tired parents into a medium sized bowl

Add 3 cups of 4 kids each hyped up on red cordial, red snakes…anything red, basically

Stir in a very drunk third cousin and a brother who can’t find his pants

Sift a teaspoon of an open gate right near your two week old retriever that hasn’t been trained or tagged yet (if wondering why please refer to step 2 of method)

Crack a bad egg of an uncle with few social skills besides telling corny jokes into the bowl

Stir well

Be sure to: forget about the guests you invited over, scheduled to arrive about…2 minutes ago, according to the ov–

Excuse me; gotta go!!

(Remove from the oven with the smoke alarms disconnected. Success not guaranteed)



Image:, sourced 30 April 2016.

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