Thursday’s prompt: what was the most recent incident in your life that made you laugh?

This response will be short because I spent about 12 hours on my feet today.

The problem with funny stories is that they’re rarely funny to retell and most of them end up being you had to be there moments (our excuse when any story flops) so instead I’ve compiled a list of ‘would you believe…’ moments about things that cracked me up recently. Because I don’t know about you but a lot of the time when people ask why I’m laughing the answer is, “I don’t know.”

Browse the list and see if you would have laughed at any of these things…

  1. Someone told me that their friend took a girl he liked on a date … to a dam
  2. At a meeting this week the leader, while speaking, kept accidentally saying racist sounding things or coming across sexist (he is neither of those things) and the fact that his wife sitting across from me was trying not to lose it laughing made it hard for me to stay composed
  3. A really corny Christian pick up line involving the book of Corinthians
  4. An 84 year old (lady) customer at work slapping me on the butt on her way out, much to my surprise
  5. This picture
    (Credit: Tracey and Leisa)
  6. My five year old friend Noah calling his three day old sister Neve “Steve”

Hope you’re having a great week and are finding some things to laugh at (remember it’s good for your health … and your abs, apparently!).

God bless you!


Image:, sourced 28 April 2016.


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