Dear 11 year old me: the things I wish I’d known

Dear 11 Year Old Me,

So you’re about to start high school. What an eventful six years.

This is when it starts for a lot of people, the wishing and waiting, so don’t feel bad about it. It’s a common trap. You want to be older, so you can be independent, can date, drive. Whatever. But think about this. If now at 11, you wish to be 16, and then once you get to be 16, you’re hanging out for 18. Then when you can finally drive, you wish you were married, then kids, then retirement. Then you’re at the end of your life and you spent the whole time wishing to be somewhere else. What a waste.

Be present. Spend time with special people around you and really listen to them. Find out what your younger sister’s favourite colour is. Really connect. Appreciate the season you’re in because, news flash, you can never be in any season apart from the one you’re in. And you can never get this season back. Ever. So you can either go through life with a dissatisfied soul, making the people around you feel like they’re not quite enough and ripping them off from having you really there, or you can engage. Don’t rob people of the joy of your presence.

Some people take decades to learn this lesson, and I know you learn it eventually, but learning it as quick as possible saves you a lot of regret.

I know you think your life will really start when you become an adult but don’t wait until you’re older to serve Jesus. Allow him to use you now. The bible talks about good works that God has planned in advance for us to do (Ephesisans 2:10). I used to think of that as over the course of my whole life. Thanks to a great book I’ve read recently by Lysa TerKeurst called The Best Yes I now wake up in the morning and think, “Jesus, which works do you have prepared for me to walk in today?” And then I actively look for them. I do it this way because I don’t want to miss God’s opportunities. I want to be present at all the appointments He’s set up for me. How exciting to walk with Him in this creative, immediate way, and I feel more alive than ever as I accept these invitations from my Heavenly Father.

Before I sign off, parents. Do yours bug you sometimes and seem not to get you?
Just so you remember, here is a short list of some of the things they do for you:
-love you
-pay for everything
-help you with homework
-drive you everywhere you need to go
-take care of you when you’re sick
-do the grocery shopping

I promise Mum and Dad didn’t pay me off to say this, but appreciate your parents.
A time will come where you have to do all this yourself and trust me, at 22, I realise living at home was absolute luxury.

Your parents are looking out for your best, and they are probably the two people in the world who most want you to do well. So listen to them. They are your biggest fans. If they’re telling you something, it can only be for your good. The bible says that the Lord disciplines those he loves, just as a father (parent) does (Proverbs 3:12).

Good luck finishing primary school!


22 Year Old You


Sourced 28 March 2016


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