Does God Really Provide?

It’s a question I’ve often asked myself, especially in the last 6 months. 

Does He really know all my needs? Does He care about the details of my life?
There are many ways He’s shown His provision recently, but here’s an example of one of the more trivial things, to show that He does care about the details. 
Earlier this week after work as I was driving out of the carpark, I heard a weird sound coming from the back end of my car. It hadn’t been there on the way to work and as I drove slowly a little ways down the road I realised I needed to stop.
Pulling into a Bunnings on the opposite side of the road, I got out and looked under my car from the front and the back. 
Not seeing anything, I got back into the car and was on the phone to my dad. A young guy about 20 who had been watching me came up to my window and asked if I needed help because my back left tyre was flat. Dad answered for me through the loud speaker, “YES!”
Last year I couldn’t figure out how to get my bonnet open. I certainly wasn’t going to refuse help on changing a tyre because yes, you guessed it, I was clueless about that too (yay for independent women everywhere). 
So God provided a solution before I even knew what the problem was. And it turns out the guy was a mechanic named Aaron. 
I am convinced Jesus put him there for me because he was just hanging around that exact corner that something happened to go wrong with my car. 
So even though I’m currently driving around with my black wheel hub looking slightly bogan, it was the most stress free flat tyre ever. 
Hope that settled that question.


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