The Great Divide: when your friends have different values to you

Most of us discover this at uni. For some of us it happened way back in high school. When you have a different moral line to your friends, a strange and sometimes painful phenomenon occurs that I like to call ‘The Great Divide’. Your friends want to skip class and go to the beach, but …


My Debut as a Food Critic

Hi guys, So excited to share my first published article on Melbourne's #1 food blog, The World Loves Melbourne: Brother Burger Takes on Chapel Street. Check it out then go and eat there! Sincerely, Lil

‘God, This is Not What I Ordered’: when God says no and other answers we don’t want to hear

Ever felt like saying that to God? You pray and pray about something, so full of faith and sure that God will comply, and when it doesn’t turn out how you expected, you think God didn’t answer. So did He or didn’t He? Recently a situation turned out almost opposite to what I was expecting …