Peter Pan
An old crippled man
Walks through the London streets

Heralding the day
You can hear him say
To die would be an awfully big adventure

One girl is worth twenty boys
He whispers above the noise
But the rose bush doesn’t respond

He stumbles upon a park
Kensington Gardens, he remarks
What a perfectly lovely name

To the boys playing cricket he calls
I have brought a mother for you all
Why do you not cheer?

These boys are lost
His whisper is soft
Never grow up

A little girl plays
He leans over to say
Always if you see me forgetting you

Just keep on saying, I’m Wendy

Not once does she look
Not him does she see
Not even for a second

A boy no more
Old, alone, done for
He whispers

And sits down to rest.

By Lil Williams

Published in Verandah Literary and Art Journal Vol. 29

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