Mirror, Mirror

What if looking in the mirror could become a way to make our self-esteem sky-rocket, rather than plummet?

The other day I was in the bathroom staring at my reflection. All of a sudden I started imagining God giving me all my features. Think about it for a second. He doesn’t throw them distractedly at our face and then yell, “Oops!” He lovingly bestows each one, each and every freckle and mole–on purpose–stands back and says, “Wow! This is awesome!”

Over these last few years, Jesus has slowly but surely been restoring my sense of self-worth. And He does it little bit by little bit, because he knows what I can handle. I don’t know about you, but looking in the mirror can often be discouraging, or even down right depressing. We get into the destructive habit of comparing ourselves to others, and judging ourselves by what we lack, rather than loving what we’ve been lovingly given.

I would have felt a little silly with this mirror exercise, but the door was closed so I kept going. I imagined God drawing my eyes, the blue darkening toward the edge of the iris; gently sculpting my nose, saying, “Isn’t that adorable!”; and precisely measuring out the length of my forehead, not too long or too short, until He gets it just right. He forms the lips, thin like He wants them, and never intended for me to try to change them. The ears are just the shape He had in mind.

The hair is created to His exact specifications: colour, thickness, texture–remember He keeps track of every one that falls. The eyebrows are light and thin, and He says, “Exactly how I wanted them!” The chin is just right, even if you yourself don’t believe it, and the cheeks are not too round.

So then I zoomed out and took in my face as a whole, and for the first time in a long time felt like I could be lovely. And as soon as that word entered my mind I felt God’s heart rejoicing.

If all of us got in front of the mirror and had thoughts like these, if we rearranged the way we viewed ourselves, and how we were formed, how that would change us. If we could embrace and believe the words, “You are not a mistake.”

God created you how you are, on purpose. And after He’s formed you, He is excited, pleased, delighted with His work. To see ourselves like this is not delusional. It is seeing clearly for the first time, as if God has lent us His glasses.

Sincerely, Lil


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