Saying “That’s okay” and meaning it

Having grace for people is not always easy. We might as well admit it. For the person that cuts you off at the intersection, or cancels at the last minute again, or says something to you in that tone that you really hate. And I’m sure there are issues a lot bigger than this.

Personally, it’s a daily struggle. This week there have been numerous situations where I’ve had to show grace (or should I say the opportunity to show grace) and although I may have given the appearance of it, my heart attitude was all wrong. I said, “That’s okay,” but in my heart let anger build up. At some point we all say some version of “That’s okay/I’m fine etc,” because social rules don’t really allow us to just lose it (at least not in front of anyone).

The truth is that we can’t control the actions of those around us. We can only control what we do. And being a sensitive person, despite struggling with the way people respond sometimes, it is important to learn how to not let this affect you so much.

Three things that help you to be gracious in a frustrating or hurtful situation are:

1) Making a genuine effort to see the situation from the other person’s point of view

2) Listening to people and considering other underlying issues that could be producing this behaviour (people aren’t usually mean for nothing!)

3) Giving people the benefit of the doubt

If you’ve ever been the one in the wrong, which way would you prefer someone to respond to you: graciousness or unkindness? It comes back to the age-old rule of “Treat others like you would like to be treated.”

And I know when I screw up, I much rather be shown grace.

Sincerely, Lil


Luke 63:31 The Bible


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